I am trying to get an idea from you about:
November 27th or 28th (have not confirmed the date) for the launch of the ARD/MPM nurses program in Canberra. This is so “you” can graduate. Fly in Fly out. Would you be available.
Also, on one of the days in Asbestos Awareness Week 25th – 29th November – would you have a stall in you facility to bring awareness to ARD/MPM. Also promote yourself and the program
Lung Foundation will provide you with money for the food (scones, cakes whatever….). Also we will provide you with flyers, posters, DVD’s etc and information
Also, I thought you could ask the Lung Cancer Nurses in your area if they will come and spend some time with you at the morning tea. Great networking and great time to talk about mesothelioma, what you have learnt, what other supports are in place in your area, and what you could do as a team.
Also, how many of you have contacted the members of the advisory committee in your state? This would be another ideal opportunity to ask them to join you, networking and the best photo opportunity. If you don't know who they are please let me know.