Am trying to generate some enthusiasm on the Nursing Forum.
Thought I would start with a quiz??
See how much you know about Mesothelioma?
Then I would we move onto Lung Cancer???
What are your thoughts?

Question 1.
Which asbestos mining town in Australia was nicknamed Australia's Industrial Belsen?
a) Wittenoom
b) Lionel
c) Baryulgil
d) Barrabain

Question 2
Which of the following group of countries have national bans on the use of asbestos?
a) Sweden & Cuba
b) India & Australia
c) Australia & UK
d) Canada & Vietnam

Question 3
Mesothelioma most commonly develops in?
a) Kidney, pelvis, testes
b) Pleura, peritoneum, kidney
c) Pleura, peritoneum
d) Pleura, peritoneum, cerebellum

Question 4.
What is the median survival of people with Mesothelioma? Pick the "best fit"
a) 8-15mths
b) 18mth- 24mths
c) 6mths
d) 1-2yrs

Question 5
In patients with Mesothelioma, pleural effusions occurs at presentation in?
a) 50% of cases
b) 5% of cases
c) 75% of cases
d) 20% of cases