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    "My Cancer Pal" app

    Hi all,
    Some of you may be aware of an app called “My Cancer Pal” which was developed by a creative and forward thinking team led by a Lung Cancer Nurse Consultant Sara McLaughlin-Barret.
    The app was created to provide cancer patients the opportunity to access and manage their own cancer treatment management tools and information on a daily basis.
    The ‘My Cancer Pal’ app empowers patients to be educated and to take control of their treatment side effects.
    The benefits of the app provides evidence based information in an easy to use format.
    The tools within the app look at,
    · Manage side effects, understanding your chemotherapy and radiotherapy side effects
    · Track and manage your pain levels, accurately track your pain levels to assist your medical team to tailor your pain and medication regime.
    · Track and manage your medications, have an up-to-date medication list so that you, your family and health professionals all have the same accurate information
    · Regular carer updates, keep your carer informed with your medications, pain levels, weight and upcoming appointments
    ‘My Cancer Pal’ app is about empowering, supporting and educating patients and their families to reduce cancer treatment side effects and ultimately decreasing levels of anxiety and stress whilst improving your quality of life.
    Take the time to look up the app and see if it will benefit you now or possibly later.
    Wishing you the very best in care
    Claire Mulvihill
    Lung Cancer Support Nurse
    Lung Foundation Australia

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    Hi Claire,

    I had a look at the app and it looks like something my partner would enjoy using and I will download this app on his phone.

    Thanks for sharing.

    By the way, can you share us (new members) a link of previous threads that may have already covered claiming for Superannuation Income Protection and Centrelink Disablity Pension?

    I don't want to be repetitive by starting a new thread if this have already been discussed before.
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