As moderation issues arise and upon review, this document will be updated. It is the users’ responsibility to check this document for any changes. However, we will alert forum users about major changed to this document in the forum itself.

1. Scope
This Moderation policy covers policy for online discussions and posting of content using the Lung Foundation Australia community space. These forums may be readable and searchable to the public. The ability to comment or participate in any forum threads will be permitable by user registered accounts only.

2. The Moderators
The patient forums will remain the property of Lung Foundation Australia. Lung Foundation Australia staff and appointed volunteers will monitor and moderate the forums as required.

Initial moderation will happen after the fact. Lung Foundation and Moderators will determine how well this works on regular review. Moderation style will be updated as needed.

3. Moderation Aims
The Lung Foundation Australia patient forum includes many differing opinions and experiences. Users may find opinions that they disagree with and some that they may find offensive. Our aim at all times is to provide a place where the maximum discussion can take place in a safe and inclusive environment.

Moderators will make decisions based on what is best for the forum and forum users overall. These decisions may not necessarily portray user/s personal ideologies on our moderation policies.


It is the responsibility of all members of the forum to help maintain a safe and respectful forum environment. Users should:
1. Read and follow these guidelines
2. Inform others about them and
3. Report those who do not follow them.

4. Abuse
Any messages that are deemed by Lung Foundation Australia to be obscene, vulgar, sexually explicit or oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise that could be construed as abusive or devalue the purpose of the forum, will not be permitted.

Users should report abuse by informing forum moderators. Abuse reports are treated as confidential and are not seen by the abuser. To report a post, users can click on the ‘Report Post’ icon at the bottom left of each post.

Lung Foundation Australia Moderators may or may not accept that the issue highlighted is actually abusive under the forum rules.

5. Libellous Content
Users who feel they have been defamed or libelled in the forum, should immediately contact Moderators to have the offending post removed via the Contact Us option in the header menu.

6. Confidential Content and Privacy
Forum users will respect the right to privacy of all other forum users.

All users must respect commercial and individual confidential information. No user shall be permitted to give out either personal or third party confidential information including, but not limited to details of: address, phone number, name, email or any other identifying factor.

While we encourage an open and supportive forum, it is the choice of the poster how much information they choose to share. Some discussions are better held via the private chat function rather than in an open thread. Users should not share information that they are not comfortable with other people knowing.

Confidential information may also include things such as unpublished details about our campaigns and programs, unreleased details of current projects, unapproved patient or supporter information, financial information, research, and/or trade secrets that they may be involved with.

7. Post Moderation
a. Post and content edit and deletion
If a user finds that their post is edited or deleted, they will either be sent a Private Message, or a note from the Moderator will be added to the moderated message. If users would like further clarification on why their post was moderated they should contact Moderators directly. Moderators will also flag that a post has been moderated or edited and include a reason why (e.g. use of commercial-in-confidence material).

Lung Foundation Australia reserves the right to comment on posts.

In the event of a moderated post, users should not:
- Post the same message again
- Taunt the Moderator
- Taunt other members of the forum

Moderators of the patient forums reserve the right to remove, edit, move or close any content or item for any reason.

b. Timeliness of Moderation
Whilst Lung Foundation will endeavour to moderate on each working day, moderators cannot guarantee that they will moderate any post or topic in a timely manner. In the event that no moderators are available for extended periods of time (such as over Christmas), forums may be temporarily closed to prevent unmoderated usage taking place.

c. Completeness
Lung Foundation Australia cannot guarantee to moderate any post or topic completely.

8. Ownership and Liability of Posts
Messages posted at this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster. We have the right to edit, delete, transfer or keep posts. Lung Foundation Australia will attempt to contact the post owner before selling or relicensing.

9. Respect copyright
It is critical that users show proper respect for the laws governing copyright and fair use or fair dealing of copyrighted material owned by others, including Lung Foundation Australia’s own copyrights and brands. All excerpts or quotes should always attribute such work to the original author/source. It is good general practice to link to others' work rather than reproduce it. Moderators will be permitted to amend any post to include links to copyrighted material.

10. User Accounts
Moderators reserve the right to approve, reject or delete any user account.

Prospective users will need to register and be approved before gaining any posting privileges on the forums. Users must sign up with accurate details but may use aliases as screen name. Screen names will be subject to prior approval to ensure they are appropriate before becoming active. Non-organisational identities, logon IDs and user names may not use Lung Foundation Australia's name in user accounts without prior approval.

If a user decides to leave the forum, moderators will not delete their old posts as it makes the discussions difficult to follow for remaining readers.

If a user believes that their account has been hacked, they will strive to alert Lung Foundation as soon as possible to rectify the situation.

11. Evidence-Based Conversations
Where required, Lung Foundation Australia or those authorised to act on their behalf may reply or provide comments on subjects that are based on evidence, in order to ensure that all users of the forum are receiving correct and factual information.